About Margie

Before I became a professional graphic designer, I was a graphic designer in the field of education. I composed brochures, curriculum statements, flyers, newsletters, etc. in a visually pleasing manner to ‘sell’ my product. When teaching, especially with younger children, I had to prepare resources that made abstract concepts concrete and appealing; otherwise the children had much less of a chance to grasp the material. I knew first-hand what a heavy influence a teacher can have on the way a child perceives his/her own abilities.

When I was in elementary school, I had an art teacher who did a very good job of convincing me that I did not have any artistic talent. I believed her; she was the teacher, after all. So it was smiley faces and stick figures for me. Then I took a class in basic drawing, and lo and behold, what I put on the paper actually looked like the object I was rendering! It was liberating. Since then, I have ventured down many paths in the artistic world including: colored pencil, watercolor, ink and pastel. My favorite area is portraiture—both of people and animals.   Then there were stints in sculpture, jewelry crafting, yarn arts, and more.

Recently, I decided to ‘repackage’ myself. I am using the skills that I already had in addition to new ones by taking many practical classes, and, voila! I am a graphic designer. Not only that, I am an excellent graphic designer.

Logos, branding themes, brochures, and promotional materials are areas where I stand out. Using my eye for design and knowledge of current  technology, I use creative ways to spin the client’s story into memorable slogans and visual materials.

Married to my husband Aaron, a creative marketing genius, and I have two grown children. Morgan is the web project manager at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Jesse is married to Leora, and he is a Cantor at the Jacksonville Jewish Center in Florida. I am excited to be a first-time grandma. Our family is rounded out by Sadie, a Tibetan terrier, who inspires me and makes me laugh.

I can be reached at margieholzer@email.com. I would love to hear from you and get your feedback!



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