Paris through the Eyes of the Masters

Challenge: to create a brochure for a custom trip to Paris. The trip consisted of two parts. The first half, taking place in Paris, involved a half-day of presentations by a scholar-in-residence and a half day of touring Impressionist paintings in the museums of Paris. The second part had the participants break out into smaller groups. Each group went to an actual site of a subject of an Impressionist painting. They set up small plein-air stations to see if they were inspired by the place in the same way the Masters were.

Target audience:  Artists and Fine Art lovers who are interested in Impressionist art.

Solution: The brochure was created out of watercolor paper in the shape of an artists’ palette. In place of the paint, there were holes. When each of four information sheets were inserted into the pallette, a small, round Impressionist painting lined up with the holes on the cover. There was also the logo and a call to action.


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